Lauren Manoogian Wide Strap Waders - Charcoal Alpaca Rib

$ 273

From knitwear guru Lauren Manoogian, a luxurious charcoal gray tank jumpsuit in the softest Peruvian baby alpaca rib

Simple wader-style silhouette has straight neckline, and wide straps in a sturdy flat knit

Luxe rib knit body straight through torso fashioned with a single ingenious seam, tapered ankle lounge leg, clean edges and finishing

100% Peruvian baby alpaca, made in Peru, handwash delicately and dry flat, or dry clean

This jumpsuit is begging for a cozy night in on the sofa, but take our Wide Strap Waders onto the streets layered over a thin base-layer top, add an oversized cardi and heeled bootie, and go!